Moroccan Throws

These genuine vintage Moroccan Wedding Blankets add an instant hip factor to your home.

Our carefully chosen Handira, known as Moroccan wedding blankets, are woven out of sheep’s wool, cotton and linen by Berber women in the Atlas mountains of Northern Morocco.  Berber wedding blankets are woven in anticipation of, you guessed it, a wedding, by the brides’s female relatives, taking many days of collaborative work to complete.  After the wedding ceremony, the bride wears the blanket tied around her neck as a kind of cape – it might be associated with her trip to her new marital home which could be a chilly ride!

For Berbers, objects and visual motifs contain myriad meanings and purposes.  The process of hand-weaving, itself, when undertaken mindfully is thought to endow the textile with baraka, or blessings.

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