Medium Moroccan Berber Rug MWB152 (225 x 175 cm)

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Order today your Moroccan White Berber rug online or book an appointment to visit our showroom in Fulham, London to check out our amazing selection, call us on 0207 736 2036. Available in Small, Medium and Large to fit any area of the home.

Our handmade Berber rugs are only made by the Beni Ourain peoples, a collection of 17 tribes residing in the lush Atlas mountains region of Morocco.

Our Berber rugs are 100% handmade and natural – the colours used to make the usually geometric lines found on our Beni Ourain rugs are made using natural fruit dyes, from produce found locally in the Atlas Mountains.

Our Moroccan White Berber rugs are chosen for their lightness of colour, sumptuous texture and distinctive designs.

Originally used by the Berber people as window coverings and bed blankets for warmth, they add a trendy yet timeless look to any room of the home.

Origin : Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Pile : Wool

Warp : Cotton

Thickness approx. : 25 mm

Size : 225 x 175 cm

Manufacturing : Woven by hand on a loom

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