Poppy Seed Leather Pouffe


Create a modern or traditional look in your home with our range of beautifully handmade leather pouffes, available with or without embroidered motif, and filled with polystyrene balls.  Great for additional seating and as a footstool.

We select only the best grade one cow hides which are thoroughly washed and treated to create the softest quality leather possible.  Our pouffes all come with a cotton lining for extra durability – it takes nearly a day for our dedicated artisans to make each pouffe, which should last you a lifetime.

Due to the handmade and hand-dyed nature of this product, each pouffe may vary slightly in colour.  Every pouffe is treated with natural oils to protect and prolong the life of the leather, which may leave some residue.

What makes our Pouffes so unique?

We only use naturally occurring plant and stone pigments during the making of our leather pouffes.  This produces a unique and beautiful multi-tonal affect on all our coloured pouffes, which is much more attractive than the ‘flat’ look you get on pouffes made using manufactured colours.


Diameter – 55cm

Height – 35cm

Material – Grade One Treated Cows Leather

Colours – Poppy Seed, Tan, Saffron, Nude

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